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THESE TOOLS bless you with the ability to 
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automate tasks
increase conversions & sales
track traffic + Sales
save time
automate organic marketing
Imagine if your business had automated lead generation, lead followup 
(SMS, Voice and Email), review capture, social proof, and more....
These Business-Boosting Software Applications
Will Boost Your Business and Automate Your Tasks
Explore these unique software solutions that were created by business owners to make Their life easier - and now yours too!
Automated Voice/SMS/Email Lead Gen and Follow-up, plus inbound and outbound IVR
Normally sells for $97-$997/month
  • Simply the best. I've used other platforms before offering similar services. Chirply has a lower price point and more features, that's what I love the most. - A. Kenmegne
  • Lead Generation: Don't have leads or a contact list yet? Don't worry! We have inbuilt lead generation. Get Google Business leads, Yelp leads, newly registered domain leads, and even connect your FB Lead Ads right into our platform.
  • SMS Autoresponder: Auto respond to incoming SMS by creating keyword-based auto-responders. Don't waste your time answering the same messages over and over again.
  • Sales Bridge: The sales bridge is a powerful feature that connects your agents to your leads in real-time, as they come in. Connect it to directly your FB Lead Ads.
  • ​Professional IVR System: IVRs are interactive voice response systems. When you call your bank, and get the, "Press 1 for this, and Press 2 for that" is an example of an IVR. We support both inbound and outbound IVR systems.
  • Ringless Voicemail: Upload audio, select an audio template, or record your audio on the fly. Then select the leads/contacts to send the ringless voicemail to. Their phone will never ring, but your voicemail will be delivered.
  • ​Drip Campaigns: Otherwise known as auto-responders. Create powerful drip campaigns that support SMS, MMS, phone calls, ringless voicemails, outbound IVRs, and emails.
  • 2 Way SMS: ​Send single or bulk SMS and MMS directly from the application. Schedule follow up SMS/MMS for a later time according to the contacts local time. Create SMS templates for faster sending.
  • ​2 Way Phone Calls: Make and receive live phone calls right fro the browser.Forward inbound calls to one or multiple numbers. Easily schedule follow up calls for a later date, according to the contacts local time.
  • Easy to use! I am adding people to my network even while I am sleeping! Best Chrome extension I've ever used! -Ed Akehurst
Automatically become friends with your client & connect with your customer avatar on facebook, While you are asleep!
Normally sells for $37/month
  • Keyword Based: Type in the keyword you want to target (such as "CEO", "roofer", "surgeon", etc.)
  • ​​Custom Settings: Determine wait times, pick up from where you left off, set request limits for each session, edit keywords.
  • Save Time: Works on autopilot. Select the Group where you'll find your best targeted friends, enter your info for the run, and let Friend Connector do it's thing. Go run errands or take a nap and when you return, you'll have new Friends to network with!
  • ​Delete Pending Requests: You can auto cancel the requests you sent earlier, but not yet accepted. You can delete all the pending requests which were not accepted, and can resend them out if you want.
Genius messenger crm
A CRM and sales pipeline for 
your personal facebook™ messenger
- Normally sells for $47 for the month
  • Track all your leads: Tag your leads and create automated reminders and follow up
  • Pre-made Templates: Create, export, and import pre-made Templates that include Labels, Global Templates, and Canned Responses
  • Schedule posts in other peoples groups: Send bulk broadcasts and messages 
  • Sales: Automate your responses to free up your time so you can create your dream
    Amazing CRM software and best one I have used so far. Way more features and upgrades than any competitor out there. Finally someone figured out exactly what the marketplace needed. Love Love Love it! ---- Robert Charles
engagement monster
effortlessly boost your organic facebook reach so that you can get seen more, collect more leads & make more sales
Normally sells for $27/month
  • Reach More People: Reach out to your Facebook friend on automation and get seen more!
  • ​​Collect More Leads: Get more leads to contact you, even when you are asleep!
  • Make More Sales: More leads = more sales!
  • My engagement on Facebook has increase amazingly, so does my sales!
  • Amazing program for all the marketers and small businesses out there!
link wizard
gives you real power and control over all the links you share on the internet. 
Normally sells for $7-$197/month
  • ​Unlimited Links: The Professional version you get will allow you to make and control and unlimited amount of links
  • ​Customize the Share Preview: You can customize the header, description and even the image of share previews.
  • ​Unlimited Pixels: Add tracking pixels. Imagine being able to add a Facebook pixel code to all of your links.
  • Complete Analytics: Track important metrics about your links. This will help you improve all aspects of your marketing.
  • ​Rotating, Scheduling, and Expiring Links: Create round robin rotations for split testing, and lead sharing. You can also schedule and expire them.
  • File Download Links: Trigger file downloads from one link click. You can even password protect the file download.
  • Invoicing You is the easiest and cleanest invoicing software anywhere!
invoicing you
create offers and pricing that allow you to sell more quickly and even create buying frenzy's!
Normally sells for $47-$97/month
  • ​Safe & Secure: Payments are safe, secure and fully meet PCI Compliance
  • ​Multiple Currency Support: Payments can be accepted in more than 160 currencies
  • ​Ascending and Group Invoices: Create a buying frenzy. Ascending invoices go up a specific amount after each buyer. Group invoices get cheaper as more people buy (billed after a deadline has been met)
  • ​ACH Payments: Not only can you accept debit and credit cards, but using a Plaid integration, you can also accept ACH Payments.
  • ​3rd Party Integration: Integrate with more than 250 other applications
  • Subscription Billing: Have recurring fees? Subscription billing creates custom auto-renewing subscriptions 
Clicky funnels Easy page cloner
clone any cickfunnels page in two clicks
Normally sells for $2 a month
  • Easy to use: Take Funnelhacking to a whole new level by cloning the funnel you desire to model in two simple clicks
  • ​​Added Features: Now with added features and benefits experience the luxury of havng a software company always working for you
  • Fix Mistakes: Build a beautiful checkout page in an email optin page? Save yourself a headache; and a phone; and clone the funnel in two clicks instead of two plus hours 
    It has always taken too much time to build funnels correctly. This is so easy to use.  Best Software Ever --- Joe Kuskie
  • Fantastic tool! Great for finding super-targeted FB friends easily! -Ed Akehurst
Find your competitors ads and add your dream customers to your pipeline
Normally sells for $27/month
  •  Declutter your Newsfeed: See only posts from the icons you desire not all the average the masses are full of
  • ​​​Post Filtering: Type in any keyword and our software instantly filters down your news feed in seconds and only shows you posts that contain your keyword!
  • ​Big Time Saver: Pin-point what exactly you are looking for. Stop wasting time seeing the 98% of posts that are irrelevant!
  • More Enjoyable FB Experience:  Spend less time looking for what you are trying to find and actually make more sales
  • ​Only Ads/ No Ads: Filter your news feed so you only see Facebook Ads that are in your news feed right now, or remove all Facebook Ads from your news feed with our filter.
  • ! can now spend your valuable time doing other things!
POST profits
turning your organic posts into lead generation and sales machines on auto-pilot
Normally sells for $27/month
  • Optimize Your Facebook Posts: Get maximum exposure and to turn them into lead generation and sales machines 
  • ​​Automated Response: Respond to comments on your posts automatically, when you set up keywords to determine which comments get what auto-responses
  • ​Follow-Up: Follow up with people who left comment via direct message in messenger & get even more engagement on your posts
  • Time-saving:  A money making software if you plan on doing any organic marketing on Facebook. 
MFen evan
Do you wish you had an auto responder for your personal facebook™? Now you Do!
- Normally sells for $27/month
  • Personal Facebook Chatbot: The first chatbot and autoresponder for you Personal Facebook Profile
  • ​Follow Up: Create campaigns and sequences for your personal profile 
  • ​Bulk Broadcasting: Send bulk broadcasts and messages 
  • Sales: Automate your responses to free up your time so you can create your dream
  • MFen EVan saves so much time 
Birthday Wisher
Learn to leverage your dream customer's birthdays to get leads and sales 
Normally sells for $2/month
  • More Leads and Sales:  Use Birthday Wisher to turn your Facebook friends into leads and sales by building relationships with something as simple as wishing them a happy birthday. 
  • Send Custom Messages:  Birthday Wisher allows you to automatically send customized birthday messages to all your friends on their special day. 
  • ​Auto Post on your Friends Timeline: You can also automatically post customized messages to their actual Facebook time line. 
  • Feel good hormones, such as dopamine and serotonin, are released into your brain when your ears encode that your name has just been said aloud. This burst of excitement makes people happy and sends unconscious signals such as empathy, trust, and compassion to the unconscious brain."
Unlilimted Business leads
Get unlimited Verified business Leads from google places
Normally sells for $47-$297/month
  • ​​​Avoid Google Fees: Get 100% of the search results from Google Places without having to pay the huge date costs Google now charges for that data
  • Constantly Updated: Jon priced this tool at a very affordable price that allows the company to also fully support it and keep it up to date so that you can actually rely on it.
  • Webhooks: Send data to a webhook URL to directly import leads to a CRM to make follow up even easier 
  •  People have saved over $50,000 using Unlimited Business Leads"
Biggest Fan
engage with people’s Facebook lives long enough to actually get their attention
Normally sells for $2 a month
  • Blast emojis to your dream 100's FB Lives: Pick which emojis you want the software to use and let Biggest Fan go to work for you
  • ​​Easy to Use: Simple to setup and outsource to a V.A or even a friend 
  • ​Notifications: Subscribe to notifications so you know when your Dream 100 is active and its time to put your fan to work 
  • When this software was created it helped change the world of hundreds of kids in Africa."
  • Save time by filling forms out in a few simple clicks."
form filler
Fill out every form on a website in two clicks instead of answering each question manually
Normally sells for $1 a month 
  • 1 Click Submit: Automatically fill any website form for you, but not submit it, you'll need to manually submit the forms
  • Multiple Profiles: Create as many profiles as you like, for each profile you'll give standard form values like first name, last name, phone number, email address, website, address, ect.
genius pages
Build websites and sales funnels in minutes with our drag & drop builder
Normally sells for $47-$297/month
  • Design Websites & Funnels: Websites for sure aren't dead. You need a website just like you need sales funnels. They are both essential for your business to survive in today's digital world. 
  • ​​Easy to Use: With our drag and drop builder you can quickly build full websites, lead capture pages, and sales funnels.
  • ​Smart Pixeling: We're the only software that actually has smart pixeling so that you can truly optimize your Facebook ad campaigns and easily get accurate data on all your campaigns. 
  • An amazing tool to build your websites & funnels! Easy-to-use and quick!
  • Love the simplicity and ease of Magic Zap. It helped me grow my business and I know it'll help others!
personalise, track & engage your website visitors with a simple yet powerful software
Normally sells for $27-$97/month
  • ​Dynamic Website Content: Allows you to customize and display dynamic content that's relevant to your visitors. 
  • Trigger Automation: Trigger custom Zapier automatons when specific traffic lands on your site so you can easy follow up with your leads while they're hot, and ready to buy.
  • ​Pre-populate Website Forms: Get users to give you more information by pre-populating your website forms with the data you've already collected from your leads.
  • ​Magic Options: Pass data to each new page that your visitor visits. You can turn this on or off.
  • ​Track Website Activities: Know who is on your website, and when. Know exactly what your website visitors are doing.
  • Cookies: We'll store all your data in a site-wide cookie so next time yours visit your site Magic Zap will work. You can also turn this feature on or off
  • Easy and practical software - it gets results! - Lance Watter
Sticky Reviews
scale your business by 100% in 
10 minutes with social proof
Normally sells for $15-$47/month
  • ​Increased conversion: Social proof on your websites can increase conversions by as much as 100!
  • R​educe advertising costs: Your advertising spend will go much further.
  • ​Can add on Autopilot: You can set it up so visitors can submit their reviews, and if they are at whatever minimum standard you set, they can be automatically added.
  • ​Reputation Management: Keep bad reviews off of social media and public forms all while giving your customers a real way to provide feedback so you can improve your service process.
  • Unlimited sites & reviews: With an agency account, there is no limit to the number of sites or reviews.
  • ​Exit Pop-ups: You can add exit pop ups showing more social proof to keep them on the site or get them to take action
  • Domain Leads is the Secret Weapon!
Domain Leads
You Want fresh leads Before your Competition even knows they exist? Here they are!
Normally sells for $47-$197/month
  • User Friendly CRM: Not only do you get fresh, high-quality leads, you also get a user-friendly CRM to easily unlock your leads and explore.
  • Exportable Data: Export all your lead data in CSV format, as an Excel spreadsheet and use it to track all your lead processing.
  • ​Verified Phone Numbers: All your leads come with verified phone numbers, and whether the number is a landline or a mobile number.
  • Affordable Pricing: At this price, it is almost like getting FREE leads every day, but you can also upgrade to unlimited leads at checkout for a very small one-time cost.
  • Powerful Filter: Easily filter by TDL, Keyword, Location, Contact Info, Registered Dates, Number of Domains Owned, etc.
  • ​Proven Track Record: There are many happy users of Domain Leads. We even use it ourselves.
  • You'd have to be crazy not to use RoboContact - especially if you're all about ROI -Philip Gillens
robo contact
Get fast and easy qualified leads, instantly connect with your dream clients!
Normally sells for $497/month
  • Search For Targeted Leads: You can search for leads by Location and Keywords, eg: "Dentist in Los Angeles"
  • Cold Email On Autopilot: Connect your Google or SMTP and Robo Contact can send out mass cold email campaigns to with automated follow-up sequences.
  • ​Contact Leads With Built-in CRM: Your Leads can be exported to a CSV file or utilized directly within RoboContact's built-in CRM
  • Auto-Fill Contact Forms: Robo Contact can then Auto-Fill all of the 'Contact Us' forms on your leads' sites with a pre-defined email template
3 reasons
  • ​​First off, if not now... when? Now is the only time that truly exists - You, your business, and all you could impact are more than worth it - and they're waiting...
  • Every day you waste your time on tasks these tools can take care of for you, you are missing out on priceless moments and memories money can not buy back
  • These softwares automate tasks that normally you would need to hire multiple people to do every day which would cost thousands per month, we're giving you the technology that will do it for $297/month
    The iconic tool belt blesses us with the ability to make a lasting impact in this world because it creates the greatest leverage in the world - TIME!
    The sooner you equip the iconic tool belt, the sooner you start automating your business and social presence; saving yourself money, time and resources... 

    Not to mention, drastically increasing your overall reach and presence in the marketplace resulting in an influx of new sales, higher conversions, and quality clientele.
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